Student Support

There are inherent difficulties in conducting empirical research and crime, security and criminal justice.

Challenges include identifying populations and behaviours in a ‘hidden-in-plain-sight’ landscape, specifically trafficking victims, when the victims themselves do not want to identify with the trafficking label.

But understanding their experiences is vital to help inform and develop local, national and international polices that inform best practice for front line professionals. They need to know how to deliver the best care and assistance to victims, as well as effective prevention and enforcement models to deal with traffickers.

This is where good quality, thematically focused studies can really make a difference.

How can we help?

At ILLUSTRO Consultancy Ltd. we offer our time to help students develop their research topics, as well as provide practical advice on identifying populations, strategies for contacting potential research participants, conducting interviews, as well as access to our global networks.

If you are a current student and conducting or thinking of developing research in the field of modern slavery, then please get in touch. This is a FREE service and conducted online with one of our ILLUSTRO trainers.

Read about how students have found our service below:

“The advice and guidance was invaluable and I was able to achieve a First for this piece of research.

I would definitely recommend this service for anyone who feels they need a perspective from an expert in the field which is unbiased and deeply insightful.”

Hollie Sanglier – University of Sussex – BSc Marketing, Business and Human Rights