Meet Our Trainers

Brigadier General (ret.) Pieter Cronje

Pieter is a former Human Rights lawyer and Brigadier General in the South African Police Service, where he established the first Human Rights Unit following the first democratic elections in 1994.

He is an expert trainer and educator on human rights and anti-human trafficking, operating in 69 countries with law enforcement on behalf of UNHCR, UNDP, UNODC, Commonwealth Secretariat, British Council, and the Raoul Wallenberg Institute in Sweden, to name a few.

Pieter’s expertise also extends to the private sector, working in the extraction industry on pipeline security and human rights with BP and BHP Billiton.

 Jennifer Wascack, JD

Jennifer is an internationally-qualified attorney and MBA specialising in business and human rights. She is a former prosecutor and investigator with 20 years of experience in organisational leadership, policy, strategy, and advocacy on matters of global economic, social, and political inequality.

She works with companies across a variety of sectors to develop management systems that can identify and mitigate human rights risks within their organisation and supply chains.

 Mina Chiang

Mina has extensive research experience in modern slavery, forced labour, and human rights issues across a wide range of UN bodies, governments, and NGOs. Mina has now become a sought-after expert, especially for her experiences in countering forced labour in the scamming compounds in Southeast Asia and forced labour in the fishing industry.

With an interdisciplinary background in engineering, sociology, anthropology, and international development, Mina has consulted in some of the world’s poorest and most conflict-affected countries in the world.

Lieutenant Colonel (ret.) Dirk Burger

Dirk has 40 years of law enforcement experience with the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee. He is a former Head of Internal Investigations, Head of Criminal Investigation Department, and has managed multi-disciplinary teams across a wide range of law enforcement agencies.

As an experienced UN law enforcement advisor and trainer, Dirk is now widely recognised as an expert in combating organised crime, specifically in the areas of human trafficking, people smuggling, and intelligence development.

 Paul Smith

Paul is a qualified Forensic Accountant and a former UK police Detective Sergeant. His skill set is fairly unique, fusing his skills, experience, and training as a Detective with accountancy.

During the latter part of his police career, Paul was the coordinator for multi-agency investigations, those involving vulnerable adults as victims. Paul now also acts as an international Subject Matter Expert (SME) in all aspects of financial crime.

He has advised various Governments on the investigation of complex fraud, money laundering, corruption, and terrorist financing matters.

 Jackie Vallack

Jackie has 25 years of experience in UK law enforcement in investigation and intelligence roles.

Since leaving the police, Jackie has gone on to design, develop and deliver investigative training programmes on behalf of the UN and other international organisations across Africa and Asia.

In addition, Jackie has also performed the role of Senior Training Coordinator on police reform in support of the Ministry of Interior in Libya

Kevin Vallack

Kevin spent 25 years working in UK law enforcement and intelligence, with a focus on serious, organised crime, financial crime, and terrorism.

He was involved in the conduct and management of complex investigations, and covert operations both in the UK and internationally. This included several years running and managing Covert Human Intelligence Source led operations in sensitive Counter-Terrorism investigations.

In addition, Kevin also has extensive experience as a trainer for the UN and other organisations.