Field visits

The extent of modern slavery and human trafficking is not yet fully understood, not only in terms of scale, but also how it integrates into our communities, businesses and supply chains.

In order to develop our training courses, we conduct regular field visits to understand the processes of the industries we work with.

Using our expertise of how human traffickers operate, we then employ a ‘think like a trafficker’ mindset in order to identify gaps in policies, practices and due diligence measures that allow modern slavery to infiltrate and flourish.

Field trip to M5 Oldbury Viaduct Project, UK


We work to identify and raise awareness of the specific methods that human traffickers use to enter various supply chains.
The initial findings from our upcoming publication on supply chain risks for the construction industry have highlighted four main areas of risk.

  • Sourcing low-skilled labour through agencies
  • PQQ and onboarding procedures
  • Use of co-workers as interpreters
  • Validation of worker identification

Download our full reports here

We are currently preparing our reports for publication. Please check back later.