About Us

Illustro Consultancy Ltd. provides international training, investigation, research support and educational services to prevent, identify and deal with modern slavery and wider human rights violations.

Our Mission

Our mission is to:

  • Combat modern slavery and wider human rights violations by providing practitioners with the knowledge and skills to understand, identify, and respond to these human rights abuses.

  • Actively work to reduce the factors that increase vulnerability to modern slavery and wider human rights abuses.

We do this by adhering to our 5-pillars;


Deliver the best possible service by constantly updating our training packages to reflect current research and trends in a client-specific context based on needs and capacity.


Development and delivery of our courses by highly skilled and experienced trainers and consultants in their respective field.


Raise awareness of modern slavery and human trafficking within the wider context of social and corporate social responsibility.


Promote equality by instilling respect and dignity through our work. We inspire clients to embrace inclusive, fair practices.


Constantly review our own business and supply chain to ensure that the services we provide, and the way we provide them adhere to human rights and wider ethical practices.