"In 2016 Tony designed and delivered two bespoke training packages to over 50 officers of the Royal Anguilla Police Force, Anguilla Customs and Immigration, and Anguilla Prison Service.

The courses covered covert policing methodologies and best practice techniques for professionalizing investigations. The training was very interactive, with classroom presentations, guest speakers, and mock investigations taking place 'live-time' across Anguilla. The courseware manuals were easily digestible and Tony presented the course in a highly professional manner.

Tony also consulted on areas of our internal working policies that will enable us to provide the best service possible to the community of Anguilla.

Tony gave the RAPF great service and was well received by the officers from not only the police but Immigration, Customs and the Prison service.

Highly recommended."

Paul Morrison QPM MBA Commissioner of Royal Anguilla Police Force

"Tony Dunkerley is a professional who has traversed the elusive bridge between theory and practice in matters relating to criminal investigations, Nigerian organized crime, and the use of juju as method to subjugate victims of human trafficking.

I have consulted with Tony in November 2015 on best practices in relation to situations where the aforementioned issues intersect. His insights were most helpful and subsequently included in a journal article soon to be published.

I look forward to an enduring professional relationship with Tony Dunkerley and highly recommend him, not only as an experienced practitioner, but as a passionate individual well-versed in articulating and sharing subject-specific knowledge."

Marcel van der WattNational Freedom Network (NFN) and the Global Resource Epicenter Against human Trafficking (GREAT)

"On June 1st, 2017, M. Tony Dunkerley was the keynote speaker of the 2017 Abolition of Slavery event for our Senior High School European Section.

After studying the film Amazing Grace and a British Home Office Modern Slavery video, M. Dunkerley presented a 2-hour interaction with the students and shed a new perspective on a major issue for Caribbean Students, often exclusively commemorated as a dramatic part of Caribbean history.

His intervention has allowed them to realize that slavery still exists today and that they can play a role its prevention. It has allowed the students to think as future citizens – to turn to their future and discuss possible actions. The students were very much impressed by M. Dunkerley's professional outlook, his hands-on experience and interactive approach. One of our students commented, "This visit was simply eye-opening and really enlightened us about the things we had no idea were going on today with so many people around the world. The benefit of the visit was to be able to speak to someone who has actually dealt with modern slavery. We are very grateful."

I was impressed by M. Dunkerley's ability to make our students reflect on the situation not just worldwide but also on the Island, question statistics and data and raise their interest - all core aims of successful education and awareness actions. Thanks to this event, our students - as Wilberforce once say- may choose to look the other way but they can never say again that they did not know."

Madame Clarisse Lauga Teacher of English, Cité Scolaire Robert Weinum, Saint-Martin, French West Indies.

"Tony is the first detective who dealt with a human trafficking matter in Dorset. I had the privilege to work with him on that case and to see his enthusiasm and his commitment to excellence.

He handled so well the tasks assigned to him and as, we all know that case was a success. I would also like to underline the ability that he has to work in a multicultural environment and to deal so well with people from different cultures.

It has been a pleasure to have met him and to have worked with him. I am looking forward to a long collaboration with Tony Dunkerley as he is one of the best practitioners. "

Claudia Cristina Ene Interpreter and Translator (DPSI and DPI)

"Tony, on behalf of Soroptimist International Poole club members, thank you very much for the excellent presentation. Although the subject matter was hard to believe, you presented the information so well, and in such a gentle way, that we were captivated by your talk and all felt better informed on the issue of cultural push/pull factors that encourage the trafficking and enslavement of women and children, particularly, in other parts of the world.

It's been a pleasure to make your acquaintance, and hope we can continue to share develop ideas on raising awareness of trafficking in the future."

Penny Bartlett Soroptimist International of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

"In June 2017 Tony delivered a presentation to Office World St. Maarten on "modern day slavery" and its prevalence within business supply chains. This was an issue that we had limited prior awareness of as our CSR programme is still in its infancy.

Tony explained where these issues may occur,and increased our knowledge and awareness of this and how albeit unaware to us, this may be lurking in some of our existing supply chains.

Identifying and mitigating the risks of modern slavery in supply chains can form part of the larger CSR projects that businesses currently employ, and we will be taking what we have learnt from Tony forward in our own CSR strategy in future."

Naresh Daryanani Director Office World