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Who is Illustro Consultancy Ltd?

©ILLUSTRO Consultancy Ltd. provides training on modern slavery to key professionals and the wider public in general who are in a position to eradicate this horrific human rights abuse.

Our slogan is, 'Training the frontline to combat modern slavery'.

In reality, the frontline is everyone who is in a position to prevent modern slavery, to identify it when it happens, to play a part in rescuing victims, and to prevent it from happening in the future. In reality, the frontline is everyone. The frontline is you.

Here at ©ILLUSTRO Consultancy Ltd. we believe that there is no substitute for face-to-face learning. By actively seeing a trainer convey passion about a topic, in an interactive and dynamic learning environment, the same passion is ignited in the learner. Therefore each course is delivered in-person by our Director, Tony Dunkerley.

As a family owned business driven by socially responsibility, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an underlying principal at ©ILLUSTRO Consultancy Ltd. and is at the heart of everything we do. We practice what we preach. Our vision and values, and how we strive to achieve them are encompassed within our Mission Statement.


Our mission is two-fold:

  1. Help combat modern slavery by providing frontline professionals and the wider public in general with the knowledge and skills to understand, identify, respond to and mitigate the risks of this human rights abuse;
  2. Raise awareness of modern slavery within the wider context of social and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR);

We achieve this by:

  • Delivering the best possible service to our clients by constantly reviewing our training packages to reflect current research and trends, enabling trainees to have the most current information and tools to mitigate the risks of modern slavery.

As a business we also adhere the following CRS principals:

  • Constantly reviewing our own business and supply chain to ensure that the services we provide adhere to human rights and wider ethical practices.

meet our team

"My passion for combatting modern slavery came about as a result of my first investigation into human trafficking. Hearing the experiences of the victim changed me and I knew I had to dedicate myself to stopping this from happening. Not only do I want to provide trainees with the understanding and tools they require to do this, but also to inspire them to have the same passion to eradicate this human rights abuse." Director, Tony Dunkerley

Our Director, Tony Dunkerley, founded ©ILLUSTRO Consultancy Ltd. as a result of the profound effect his experiences of investigating cases of modern slavery had on him whilst serving as police detective in the UK.

Wanting to dedicate himself to the eradication of modern slavery and deliver the best service possible to victims, Tony returned to education and in 2015 obtained his MSc. in International Criminal Justice, specifying in the investigation of international human trafficking, for which he received a distinction.

Tony was then given the role Force Practitioner for modern slavery investigations, providing guidance to police investigators, as well as assisting the Office of the Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner at a mapping event to develop best practice for modern slavery investigations in the UK.

Tony believes that current research on modern slavery is key to enable all sectors to understand and implement relevant and specific action. With this in mind, Tony completed his own empirical study on human trafficking, which is currently going through publication with Police Practice and Research: An International Journal.

Tony has delivered training on modern slavery in the UK and oversees to a variety of sectors, including law enforcement, non-government organisations, businesses, financial institutions, medical personnel and students. Tony has worked alongside financial investigators in human trafficking cases, and is also qualified in transaction monitoring, which brings about a unique combination of skills and experiences that he brings to the learning environment.

"Tony and I have a real passion for social responsibility and we strive to encourage others to share in that passion. We aim to provide the best service possible to our clients in order for them to help eradicate one of the worst forms of human rights abuses that exist today." Rachael Collins, Secretary

Racheal has worked in various sectors in the UK and oversees, including project management, account management, and as a scuba diving instructor!

Rachael has also conducted fact finding missions on behalf of ©ILLUSTRO Consultancy Ltd. In 2016 she visited coffee plantations in Honduras and textile mills in Guatemala to see how these products are sourced and how local sustainability projects have helped to improve worker's rights and reduce modern slavery in supply chains. To hear about Rachael's travels click here.

Rachael also has a passion for the underwater world and has been involved in various marine conservation projects in the UK and oversees.